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Stamped Concrete
Decorative and stamped concrete is produced by many steps. We pour only the finest in concrete material from a local supplier. We color the concrete with integrel color by first placing the color in the concrete mix before it ever reaches the ground. After placinig it on the ground or in the forms, we use conventional concrete techniques to smooth and finish. We place your second color choice on top in powder form and stamp the pattern of your choice into the surface. We return the following day and clean the excess color off and seal with two coats of high gloss sealer. By putting the color into the concrete truck drum,
it mixes throughout the concrete material and keeps the base color from ever being removed even if the slab surface becomes chipped or scratched.
Our Process
Completed porch with sealer
London Cobblestone pattern,
1/4" stamped overlay
Grand Ashler Slate
Terra Cotta Color, Deep Charcoal Release
Random Stone
Porcelin Gray, Deep Charcoal Release
Grand Ashler Slate
London Cobblestone
Porcelin Gray, Deep Charcoal Release
Garage Floor
Front Porch
Greg Wooten Concrete
Mt. Holly NC
Stained Concrete
Stamped Overlay
Original porch before 1/4" overlay application
Low spots in original concrete filled with self-leveling epoxy
Overlay applied and stamped with London Cobblestone pattern (no sealer applied)
Best Uses: Applied to new 4 inch concrete pads - patios, porches, sidewalks, pool decks, driveway aprons, and interior floors.
Best Uses: Existing, solid concrete pads - patios, porches, driveways, pool decks, and interior floors.
Best Uses: Can be applied to existing smooth concrete surfaces - porches, garage floors, basement floors, restaurant floors, and interior surfaces (cannot be applied to broom finish or rough concrete surfaces)
Basement Floor
Walnut Eco-Stain
Decorative Concrete Refinishing
Best Uses: Existing, Decorative surfaces that are worn or faded. We can transform them back into a beautiful outdoor area.
Cleaned and washed faded driveway (BEFORE)
Applying new color and sealer (DURING)
New color, 2 coats of new sealer (AFTER)
Decorative Concrete Refinishing
Faded Sidewalk (BEFORE)
Faded Sidewalk (BEFORE)
Faded Sidewalk (After)
Faded Sidewalk (After)
Porch Recolored (After)